The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

Discussion Director
Section 1 (page 1-29)

Your job is to write examples of the following types of questions for this section of the book.  Please write the number of examples indicated for each type:

1.  What do you predict will happen next?

Jemmy will continue to claim he's the Prince so that the thieves will free them both.
*be open to all possible answers

2.  All of the following have happened to Jemmy except which one?
    a.  He gets whipped because the Prince misbehaves.
    b.  He shouts and cries in pain when he's whipped.
    c.  He is fed well and dressed in fine clothes.
    d.  He learns to read, write, and do sums.
 --b (pages 5&6)

Figurative Language
3.  Find a simile on page 22.  Tell the two things that are being compared.

second paragraph from the bottom:  "...rough as a sack of nails."    Compares Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater's brutality to a sack of nails.

4.  Who is the main character?

Jemmy, the Whipping Boy.

Point of View
5.  From whose point of view is this book written? (Who is telling the story?)

A narrator tells the story.

Passage Picker
Section 1, pages 1-29

Your job is to pick passages from this section that you and your group can talk about.  Choose passages that satisfy these 4 reasons:

1.  page 21, par. 9:  "Gaw! witless servant boy!"
    Reason:  A turning point in their capture.  Hopefully, this plan will work to free the Prince from the thieves and Jemmy from his servitude.
    Question:  Why was the Prince being so difficult about going along with Jemmy's plan?
    Answer:  He didn't want to go back to the castle.
    Author's Purpose:  To build suspense.

2.  page 28, par. 3:  "The prince' names!"
    Reason:  It dawns on the Prince that he may have to assume all of Jemmy's roles as Whipping Boy.
    Question:  Why was the Prince suddenly worried?
    Answer:  He had never been whipped or punished before.
    Author's Purpose:  To show what a coward the Prince was.

3.  page 6, par. 5:  Jemmy, a carpet.
    Reason:  The author tells us what Jemmy's purpose is at the castle.
    Question:  Why does the prince smirk at Jemmy?
    Answer:  Because he has promised Jemmy his freedom if he doesn't cry out when he gets whipped, and the prince is just sure that Jemmy will cry out.
    Author's Purpose:  To Inform

4.  page 5, beginning passage:  Jemmy could...back in rags.
    Reason:  The author describes Jemmy's everyday routines.
    Question:  Why would Jemmy get whipped every morning?
    Answer:  Because the prince wouldn't know his lessons.
    Author's Purpose:  To Describe

Word Wizard
Section 1, pages 1-29

Choose four of the following words:

Your job is to:

RUFFIAN  (page 12, par. 8)
1.  "A clod and a ruffian, " declared the prince.
2.  ruffian - a brutal person : BULLY
3.  adjective
4.  The boy who demanded my lunch money at school was a ruffian.
5.  Word Wizard card

FLUMMOX (page 21, par. 3)
1.  "I'm thinking these lads have mixed themselves up to flummox us."
2.  flummox - to leave somebody confused or perplexed and unable to react
3.  verb
4.  The teacher's choppy instructions for the assignment flummoxed me.
5.  Word Wizard Card

ASTONISHMENT (page 8, par. 8)
1.  Jemmy stared at him with dreadful astonishment.
2.  astonishment - great amazement, often eliciting shock
3.  noun
4.  He was on time, to my astonishment!
5.  Word Wizard card

RUMMAGED (page 19, par. 1)
1.  Cutwater rummaged around in a black oak chest of stolen goods.
2.  rummaged - to make a rapid search for or through something by carelessly moving and disarranging things
3.  verb, past participle
4.  The FBI agents rummaged through the suspect's belongings, looking for evidence.
5.  Word Wizard card

Character Sketcher
Section 1, pages 1-29

Your job is to find an interesting character from the chapters you have read for today.  For your character's sketch, you will need to:

Activity Activator
Section 1, pages 1-29

Your job is to make a graphic organizer to go with the story.  You may choose to make a story map, K-W-L, Plot Chart, or Venn Diagram to complete this task.


What do you already Know? What do you Want to know? What have you Learned after reading?
1.  The story takes place in a kingdom, perhaps during the medieval times.
2.  Someone, a boy, gets punished.
1.  Why is the whipping boy necessary?
2.  How did he get chosen to be the whipping boy?
3.  Who whips him and when?
1.  Jemmy is a boy who takes the Prince's punishment.
2.  The Prince is a brat whom no one likes.
3.  Jemmy doesn't cry out when he's whipped.
4.  The Prince wants to run away.