The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

Section 2 (page 30-59)

Discussion Director
Section 2 (page 30-59)

Your job is to write examples of the following types of questions for this section of the book.  Please write the number of examples indicated for each type:

Figurative Language
1.  Give a specific example of a simile in chapter 10.  Explain the two things being compared.
page 31, par. 2  "Sweat raindrops."  Hold-Your-Nose Billy was so nervous that he was sweating profusely.

Author's Attitude
2.  Which word describes the author's attitude toward Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater?

3.  Jemmy does all of the following, except which one?
    a.  left Prince Brat behind at the hideout.
    b.  eats the food Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy give him.
    c.  hides in the straw in order to escape.
    d.  gets whipped by Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater.
--d (page 58)

4.  Describe Jemmy's problem in chapter 15.  What attempt does he make to solve his problem?
Jemmy feels bad for leaving Prince Brat at the edge of the embankment, when he left with Captain Harry Nipps.  Jemmy finally asks Captain Nipps to stop because they've left his friend behind.  They go back and pick up the Prince.

Passage Picker
Section 2, pages 30-59

Your job is to pick passages from this section that you and your group can talk about.  Choose passages that satisfy these 4 reasons:

1.  page 53, par. 7:  "Jemmy straightened...for himself."
    Reason:  This is the first time Jemmy feels sorry for the Prince.
    Question:  Why didn't Jemmy let the Prince take care of himself?
    Answer:  The Prince didn't know how to take care of himself.
    Author's Purpose:  To Characterize Jemmy

2.  page 45, par. 2:  "Brambles...prison bars."
    Reason:  The use of figurative language helps to describe the setting of the forest.
    Question:  What is the mood of this passage?
    Answer:  The mood is intense and foreboding, like the forest.
    Author's Purpose:  To Describe

3.  page 41, par. 6:  "He, Prince!"
    Reason:  This is a great chase scene!
    Question:  Why was Jemmy so quick and hard to catch?
    Answer:  He'd had a lot of practice when he lived on the streets.
    Author's Purpose:  To Inform

Word Wizard
Section 2, pages 30-59

Choose four of the following words:

Your job is to:

LURCHED (page 41, par. 3)
1.  His long arms outstretched, Cutwater lurched after him.
2.  lurched - move violently
3.  verb, past participle
4.  The snake lurched after it's prey.
5.  Word Wizard card

AGGRAVEXED (page 45, line 2)
1.  He grimly pressed on.
2.  grimly - depressingly gloomy
3.  adverb
4.  She went through her day grimly, after the big fight with her mom.
5.  Word Wizard card

Character Sketcher
Section 2, pages 30-59

Your job is to find an interesting character from the chapters you have read for today.  For your character's sketch, you will need to:

Section 2, page 30-59

Your job is to give a brief summary of this section.  Give a quick, one to two minute statement that tells the main events in today's reading.

    Jemmy tries to escape by hiding, but Prince Brat tells on him.  When they do finally escape, Jemmy and Prince Brat meet Petunia (the bear) and Betsy, who point them towards the river.  Jemmy takes a ride from Captain Harry Nipps, the Hot-Potato Man, and feels guilty for leaving the Prince behind.  Jemmy and the Captain go back and pick the Prince up.  Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy find Prince Brat and Jemmy.  Hold-Your-Nose Billy whips Prince Brat, but the Prince does not cry out.  Betsy and Petunia walk up and Petunia attacks Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy.