The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

Section 3 (page 60-89)

Discussion Director
Section 3 (page 60-89)

Your job is to write examples of the following types of questions for this section of the book.  Please write the number of examples indicated for each type:

Author's Style/Message
1.  What does the author do to create suspense, to make you want to read on to find out what happens?
We want to know if Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy are going to hear and find the Prince and Jemmy in the sewers.  The author uses descriptions of the sewer and all of its different and confusing tunnels to build the suspense.

2.  Tell something that a character did or said and explain why they did it.  Give the character trait that describes their action.
    Prince Brat figures out a way to reward everyone for their kindness towards him, and actually becomes friends with Jemmy.  He is appreciative.

3.  What mood does the author want to create in chapter 20?
The author uses suspense when we think the Prince wants Captain Nipps to turn Jemmy in.  The author creates the mood of happiness when we realize that the Prince had everyone's best wishes in mind.  We feel even happier to find out that Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose Billy are "escaping" to a convict island.

Passage Picker
Section 3, pages 60-89

Your job is to pick passages from this section that you and your group can talk about.  Choose passages that satisfy these 4 reasons:

1.  page 75, par. 3:  "Jemmy led...main sewer."
    Reason:  The author uses metaphors to describe the water's edge.
    Question:  How does Jemmy know so much about sewers?
    Answer:  He grew up in them.
    Author's Purpose:  To Describe

2.  page 69, last par.:  "But there...shaken him."
    Reason:  We see that Prince Brat really does have feelings and it's surprising after being such a nasty person all of his life.
    Question:  Does Prince Brat want to punish the woman whom he overhears?
    Answer:  No, he says he does, but that was the old Prince Brat talking.  He has realized how badly he's behaved and how terrible it's made himself look in the eyes of his subjects.
    Author's Purpose:  To Persuade

Word Wizard
Section 3, pages 60-89

Choose four of the following words:

Your job is to:

BRAZEN (page 69, second to last par.)
1.  There was nothing to do but brazen it out.
2.  brazen - to face a difficult situation confidently, without showing shame or embarrassment
3.  verb
4.  I had to brazen my fear of speaking publicly.
5.  Word Wizard card

INAUDIBLE (page 78, par. 1)
1.  The prince's voice was almost inaudible.
2.  inaudible - not loud enough to be heard
3.  adjective
4.  His voice was inaudible, so I asked him to repeat what he'd said.
5.  Word Wizard card

Character Sketcher
Section 3, pages 60-89

Your job is to find an interesting character from the chapters you have read for today.  For your character's sketch, you will need to:

Artful Artist
Section 3, pages 60-89

Your job is to  draw a picture that illustrates what you liked best about this section.

After finishing your picture, you will need to respond to the following:

When sharing with your group:

1.  This is a picture of the villains fleeing from the sewer as they're being bitten by the grain-fed rats.
2.  In the sewers of London.
3.  This happens when Ol' Tosher give them the wrong directions out of the sewer--then they get what they deserve!
4.  This shows that good triumphs over evil--and these guys were evil.